Order for Kitchen assistant

Work content:

General worker, kitchen assistant in restaurant

1. Selection requirements
– Male aged 19 – 48 years old

– Education: Level 2 or higher

– Quantity: 3 people

– Other requirements:

+ No criminal record, guaranteed health to work abroad, no bone deformities, no infectious diseases (hepatitis B, C, HIV…), good sense of discipline;


​- Basic salary: 320,000 – 500,000 HUF/month

– Income: About 20 – 305 million VND/month

– Fixed shift time: 8 hours/day, 5 days/week

– Overtime according to Hungarian labor law

– Employees are entitled to all Hungarian holidays off (if they have to work, overtime will be counted according to regulations);

– Accommodation and insurance are covered by the company for free. Fully furnished accommodation according to European standards

– Enjoy all regimes and benefits as a working citizen of Hungary

– Contract term 02 years and extension (long-term work)

– Time to receive applications: June 30, 2023

– Recruitment time: July 2023

– Expected departure: September 2023

– Examination registration documents include: Form, blood test for hepatitis B, HIV, chest X-ray, original passport (if any), welding certificate (if any), 02 4×6 photos with white background


– Must fully meet the health requirements of labor exporters.

– Health examination at the hospital meets medical examination standards for labor exporters. Or hospitals as designated by TAMICO.

– Before going to Hungary to work, workers will be trained according to the procedures of factories working in Hungary.

– At TAMICO’s training centers, we will fully guide you on skills, ways of living, learning the language, and how to behave in Hungarian culture to orient and help avoid surprises when going abroad.

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