Opportunity for students to study and work in Israel

After 11 months of studying and working on high-tech agricultural farms in Israel, you will have access to the world’s most advanced agricultural production, along with advanced English. and have the opportunity to learn about the country of Israel. In addition, you can accumulate an amount of 5,000 – 7,000 USD.

In recent years, implementing the training program for students in the fields of agriculture, forestry and fishery, there have been thousands of Vietnamese students going to Israel to study and work through the path of trainees (TNS). This is a cooperation program between the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Vietnam and the Israeli Ministry of Agriculture.

Israel is a country located in the west of the Middle East, north of Lebanon, in the northeast of Syria, in the southeast of Jordan, in the southwest of Egypt and in the West with the Mediterranean. Only with an area of ​​360,000 hectares of agricultural land, but in the last 5 decades, the agricultural production value of Israel always exceeded the figure of 3.5 billion USD / year, of which exports accounted for over 20%. The soil is dry but products like flowers, vegetables and fruits here are more available than anywhere.

On average every year, nearly 2,000 agricultural experts from 80 countries around the world come to Israel to study to improve their knowledge of serving the country’s agriculture. Since 2008, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in Vietnam has cooperated with the Israeli Ministry of Agriculture to bring agricultural practitioners to training at Israeli Agricultural Research Centers under a program of cooperation and practice. Agriculture.

After 7 years of implementation, since 2008, the program has brought thousands of TNS Vietnam to study and work in Israel. After studying and practicing in Israel, students have the opportunity to practice English, be trained in knowledge about high-tech agriculture and at the same time practice working at farms where students are paid with income of 675 – 750 USD / month, not including extra work. Normally, after a course of studying and working Vietnamese students will save an amount of 5,000 – 7,000 USD after deducting all costs.

The need to study and work in Israel is the desire of many students. If you are in good health, under the age of 35, a student of the agriculture, forestry and fishery faculties of universities and colleges will be a bright candidate for the partner to choose.

The training program will be trained at Israeli agricultural technology training centers, after the time the students practice working on farms. After the course, the trained students only passed Israeli high-tech agricultural training. This certificate replaces an internship program for final year students and facilitates a more advanced degree in later work. The program participants are students who are in the last year or have graduated from universities and colleges in the fields of agriculture, forestry, irrigation, fisheries, professional officials of agricultural departments, agricultural extension centers aged 21-35 years old, and eligible facts about knowledge in the field of cooperation and health as required by the Israeli side. The training course lasts from 10 to 11 months, students only have to pay air tickets and very little fees as prescribed, students are arranged accommodation at agricultural farms with adequate living supplies.

This is a very good program for Vietnamese university students to study and learn modern agriculture of Israel. Thanks to the interest of the Steering Committee of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development as well as the Israeli Embassy in Vietnam, the annual target of granting Vietnamese students the opportunity to study in Israel has increased but still not met. get the increasing demand of Vietnamese students. ”

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