• Trang An Manpower Supply and Investment Joint Stock Company (“TAMICO”) legally operates under the Enterprise Registration Certificate No. 0107109955 issued by the Hanoi Authority for Planning and Investment on November 13, 2015.
  • On June 06, 2016, TAMICO was granted the labor export license No. 836/LDTBXH-GP by the Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs of Vietnam.
  • The Company mainly engages in definite-term labor export, overseas study consultancy, training, investment, etc.
  • TAMICO has a staff of rich experience in supplying labor to the markets such as Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Israel, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Russia, and others.
  • The Company has a team of professional and experienced trainers, and modern training equipment as well as facilities, meeting customers’ requirements. TAMICO has become a reliable destination for both national and international laborers and partners.
  • Laborers to be supplied to overseas markets are recruited from all provinces and cities nationwide and have intermediate, associate and bachelor degrees.
  • Learning at TAMICO, laborers are provided with career and learning support and counseling, as well as opportunities to work in the best overseas environment, and offers for stable and high earning jobs upon returning to the home country.
  • Our motto is to connect, share, cooperate and get success with partners and customers